RenAn Consulting specializes in providing assistance at each stage of the international trade, from drafting contracts through to helping to conclude profitable sales and purchase agreements.
We work attentively with our clients providing the service they require. Our vision is to respond to the needs of our clients by providing leading advice in a straightforward, pragmatic and cost-effective manner.

Our emphasis is to work in partnership with our clients by getting to know their business, understanding their particular concerns and providing lasting solutions. RenAn Consulting develop and prepare customized solutions for clients, find trading partners for customers, inform about European tenders, draft and translate contracts, consult on various legal issues, and advise on business expansion and development.

As an International Trade Intermediary we offer:

Market Research

We analyze the product market on behalf of our clients, and continually explore current trade options for commodities in the African, Asian, South American and European market.

Market / Purchase Consulting

We specialize in economic and market analysis and ensure our clients are presented with a clear and unbiased view of product market conditions and import/export opportunities. Existing clients also utilize our consulting services on an ongoing basis to evaluate trade branch markets and potential trade opportunities.

Supplier Research & Screening

RenAn Consulting thoroughly researches and screens supply options in order to maximize the client’s purchasing power and utility. We strive to ensure the highest level of purchase quality control.

Contract Negotiations

RenAn Consulting handles all contract preparations, negotiations and details. We work with the supplier to secure a deal specific to the client’s requirements; hence, deals are reviewed and prepared individually and decisions are made on the client’s own terms.

All Trade Logistics

RenAn Consulting navigates all trade logistics including export/import controls and licensing, tariff and duty accounting, and shipping. From inception to final delivery RenAn Consulting facilitates all elements of the trade deal, saving clients time and money.

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