RenAn Consulting is an international trade consulting firm that advises companies on how best to comply with export, import transactions. Our firm provides practical, feasible and concrete solutions to the challenges that our Clients may encounter in their foreign trade operations, collection flow and international payments. We offer a sophisticated, focused, cost – effective and knowledgeable approach to problem of international trade transactions. Our firm also develop and prepare customized solutions for Clients to enable them achieving their long-term international trading goals.

International trade consulting services

  • Preparation of transaction documentation (LOL, SCO, FCO, ICPO, BCL, POP, RWA, POF, etc.)
  • Drafting sale and purchase agreements in international commercial trade.
  • Effective protection of contractual obligations, payment terms, examination of correctness of commercial documents.
  • Carrying out of the short – and medium term methods of financing export and import transactions as: escrow account, forfaiting and factoring.
  • Detailed consulting on the practical use of such forms and payment instruments such as: documentary credits, documentary collections, promissory notes and bills of exchange.
  • Consulting on the optimal hedge payment obligations through the use of bank guarantees and standby letters of credit.
  • Drafting of SWIFT messages for the different bank payment products.
  • Negotiating bank charges related to the transactions.
  • Drafting of commercial contracts in international transit trade.

Our firm also develop and prepare customized solutions for Clients, in particular:

  • Specifics and types of international trade deals,
  • Specifics of concluding different types of international trade contracts,
  • Specifics of international payment solutions as documentary letter of credit, bank payment order, documentary collection, etc,
  • Analysis of international basic conditions and regulations as CISG, INCOTERMS®2010, UCP 600, ISP 98, ISBP 681 and 751, URC 522, USDG 758, etc,
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